Cheap Italian Arts Festival
     2016 Contributor 

Cheap Festival is an Italian Arts festival where every year theres a call for large scale 100 x 60cm posters based around certain production restrictions and a certain theme for creative’s to interpret. This year the idea is based round an Edge within a black and white design, be it a literal representation or something with a more focused agenda.

How to interpret the idea of an edge as a limitation within a subject that has potential for a strong visual message that revolves around an actual real world problem.

This response visualises ransoming. In this instance the idea of how phishing emails lure unsuspecting Internet users into downloading ransom-ware and in turn losing there private files and having them held and a ransom charged for the release with the amount increasing as time goes on.

The idea of an edge been a restriction has been shown here as Ransoming used to be a crime targeted at high profile individuals through physical exchanges, now with the increased use of the Internet its become a global problem through web technologies.