Clockwork Orange

To create a full book cover focusing on placing this cultural classic into a more contemporary market with a specific focus on the strong use of typography as a means of making the book stand out within a traditional or eBook store setting. 

Avoid typical cliche visuals when representing the book keeping a focus on a new type of readership, how to place something wrote half a century ago into a modern light with an original but well considered connection to the book. 

Typography and iconography reference key points of the books content ranging from the Nardast narrating style to the violent activities of the book visualised within an outcome that transitions from deconstruction to structure as a reference to the characters changing behaviour following guidelines inspired by a grid that references 21 split up into 3 sections of 7. A symbol of maturity and a key concept behind the books original chapter format.

The use of colour and shape supports the Nardast feel through strong influence of Russian constructivist artwork, repurposed in a contemporary light.