Process: Digital Lettepress

Create a visual representation of a thesis investigating the influence’s of cyberspace technology on the production, distribution and purpose of typography.

How to visualise a journey from the Gutenberg to the future
potentials of technology within an outcome that is entirely physical but encompasses traditional and digital process’s.

Process is a publication that requires the end user to engage with each element as an individual entity. The overall idea for each aspect is to show the transition between traditional to digital process’s showing the limitations and potentials of the two.

A lasercut series of letterpress blocks where made to show an overarching link between the idea of traditional print process’s to the potential of technology, all contained within a type tray as a key visual reference to letterpress printing. A key method of publishing before the introduction of desktop publishing.

A series of digitally printed posters where created to reference key points of the essay and then re-purposed using the lasercut letterpress blocks.