Housing Solution Publications

Identify a social, political or economic issue and create a design based resolution to these problems. Considering the target market and the focus of the outcome been addressing a problem.

How to place the dense subject of housing issues into a concise and well communicate deliverable, focus on narrowing down into key problems within this overall issue.

How does the format, design and use of material strengthen the delivery of the idea.

A series of campaign’s delivered within publications that aim at addressing housing solutions for first time buyers and there difficulty of getting onto the property ladder and persuading larger property development firms and councils to offer more accessible and economic social housing solutions.

Each document communicates the basic plans and concepts for housing solutions ranging from self build solutions from the buying of the land to the production of DIY kit houses to shipping container housing to the production of Eco friendly energy efficient versatile social housing solutions. The use of iconography, textured and coloured stock helps contextualise all the information in a clear guide influenced by architectural files and blueprints.


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