D&AD Monotype

Use the power of typography to communicate an issue that holds a strong message and can be delivered in an engaging way by educating, agitating or inspiring a certain target audience.

How to not only communicate an issue but attempt to solve it through the use and delivery of a concept that uses typography as a central focus.

By using an idea of archiving as a central focus from the physical archiving of historic artefacts to the electronic archiving of information and the limitations of technology when it comes to the authenticity and safety of this stored information.

A series of research files where created, sealed, filed and preserved that where then transitioned to a digital storage of all the content in a series of computer files placed into an animation that glitches and corrupts to show how technology will lead to the potential extinction of legit historic information.

To support the physical and digital research files a series of posters that resonate with key technological innovations where created and corrupted through the editing of the images text code. These A2 posters where made up of 4 scanned in A4 posters to show the capturing of artefacts through technology.