Illuminations by Walter Benjamin

Create a book cover to show the strong contextual content of a theory book that contains a number of philosophical essays regarding art history and social, ethical, cultural and political issues. 

How to place such a varied body of contextual content into something visual that creates a snapshot of the books content while showing the idea of vibrancy to represent the literal connotation of illumination's. 

The key overarching conversation revolved around the spiritual aura of a physical thing, to emulate this the idea of perspective, warping, deconstruction and dilution was visualised through contrasting  tone, colour and gradients was used. The deconstruction and disfiguring of type and layout showed altered and changed perspective as a means of showing how repeated, reproduced and manipulated work lose there spiritual aura. 

By extending on the idea of the varying transparency as a representation of the changing Aura an acetate and vibrant gradient poster was made to promote the book in a contemporary light. A sort of tactile interpretation of the book cover.