GF Smith Archive 

GF Smith required a series of prints to show the qualities and possibilities of there colorplan range, using creative process’s as a means of showing the potential of the papers.

To show the qualities of the paper’s production while showing the potential creative uses revolving around print process’s. Considering the heritage of paper production and the future potentials of paper based creative process’s within an age oversaturated by digital design.

Using the digital colour spectrum RGB as a base concept to create a series of designs that use the grading criteria, origins and connotations of red, green and blue precious gems as a visual basis and a reference to the quality of the paper while transitioning from digital back to traditional print outcomes. 

Iconography and layout helped show the textural qualities, shape, and heritage of each gem with the deconstructed and contemporary aesthetic reinforcing the RGB digital feel to bring the tactile and physical back to the digital.