Triptych Contributor 

Triptych was a weekly commission calling on designers to submit an A1 poster. Three submissions are then collated together as a trio as a means of referencing traditional religious 3 panel paintings. The weekly project was then featured in a yearbook of all the collated posters. 

The brief was open in terms of the visual outcome, so with this been based on traditional religious paintings the plan was to have an element of pastiche within the idea, re-purposing the religious theme.

The answer to the religious theme comes from the visual re-purposing of the apocalypse tapestry. Using key visual references from the original tapestry with iconography reenacting scenes like the 7 headed dragon alongside modern ideas of chaos and a presentation of key predicted doomsday dates. 

The idea of a trio was expanded using 3 printing process's, hand rendering, digital printing and spot UV screen print to show the journey of poster and art work production.